The Quarantined announce new song, “Nemesis friend of mine” Jan 10

The Quarantined has a few very good things to share with you-

First, Our new song, “Nemesis friend of mine” is almost ready to be released, coming soon on Jan 10th, 2020.

It is a very relevant song to the times, and to all levels of perception, from local to international.

The chorus is striking-

“‘It’s right around the corner

It’s right around the bend

A future with no love

And terror with no end’

That’s what they say to me today

With a dirty fuck-you smile

But I pulled myself out of fear

Been crawling for miles.”

The song uses storytelling to show the dichotomy of the old world versus the new, hope vs fear, determination versus complacency.

It’s also showing how people slip into evil, that our past only feels like it determines our future, and feelings can be deceiving. The song also plays with the idea that you don’t know if the voice is actually talking about another or himself as the villain, which is exactly how reality feels when being manipulated. It’s a call to realize the true cost of tribalism: when ideas are left unchallenged in a open sea of anger and resentment, fear and ignorance creates hatred of a straw man, and this environment creates the violence of our society, micro and macro, direct and indirect.

This is part of what our world must understand, and overcome, to survive.

All this struck me late at night in 2012, and these lyrics flowed out of me in 30 minutes. Of course, the personal inspiration for the song is something that you would need to know my story to even have a guess, but it’s all from very real circumstances.

I went back to sleep, and forgot about it for 5 years. Then when the opportunity to make a new EP came around, I wrote new music for it. The words had almost jumped to life in front of me as I watched mass shooting after mass shooting happen, and the song took on a new meaning. I watched women name their attackers only to be refused justice, and the song had a new meaning. I watched as a narcissist manipulated a whole country into becoming a vassal state, and another new meaning formed. Police brutality became a thing even sports teams couldn’t ignore. Drug overdoses from pharma companies skyrocket by dump selling opioids faster than any drug dealer ever. I watched our culture become so overtly materialistic that people dying on the street became just another Tuesday, because everybody had to come in early on Wednesday, when they didn’t get paid for the overtime from last Saturday.

And now, children in cages, mass deportations.

Every day, it seemed, the song had a new meaning.

That nemesis friend of mine… is either me, you, them, or all of us.

One thing remains- will you pull yourself out of fear in order to do the right thing despite the manipulation to apathy?

I think this may be our most prolific song yet.

The song will be available for our fans to hear soon. Sonically it is powerful, and we hope to create a really gripping music video to go with it.

Our fans can pre-order our new EP, Aversion To Normalcy, on Bandcamp, which will include this song.

More announcements to come!

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