The model for a fair society

A good friend of mine brought up a very real, yet unintuitive aspect to our society that we experience as individuals. She said she thought she was happier when working hard for little pay, as opposed to lollygagging around and getting paid well. “We’re hyperactive, we need meaning and substance,” she wrote.

She’s absolutely right, profound as it is simple: the human mind is naturally inclined to solve problems at an exponential rate based on experience. If you’re busy, our brains process dopamine faster than if we’re bored.

That is a POWERFUL resource, one resource that, with great leadership can create better lives for billions of people. Yet if the society of the working also had no meaning or substance, this naturally occurring human resource can be easily manipulated into literally anything.

This is the key element that is a common thread with every atrocity ever, and is the reason why we have governments that kill their people and others that don’t, businesses that kill the earth and others made to clean it up, people that kill people and those that don’t, and it’s a driving force that led me to the Airborne Infantry, and it’s why bored couples have kids- meaning, and purpose.

It’s also a resource that makes people thrive, but the society, the collective actions of individuals, has an VERY real indirect effect on all of us.

However, great leaders that define purpose with 1) loyalty to the well-being of all, 2) and build up the followers capability by acknowledging their strengths to benefit the group, especially when a followers strength over performs a leader, 3) leaders act selflessly for the benefit of their followers, 4) create a lasting system of honoring past great behavior of those leaders and followers alike, 5) and the leaders know that what they create is ultimately for the followers, not for them.

That is how you 6) create leaders who can follow, followers who can lead, all within a self sustaining, multifaceted demand filling society that is sustainable through 7) acknowledging the survival of all is greater than the survival of one.

Otherwise known as, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self-less Service, honor, Integrity, Personal sacrifice or selfless service for the greater good.

My veteran brothers and sisters will recognize that long winded answer as the 7 Army values fully defined, the real effective definition of leadership, (LDRSHIP) adjusted for the diversity of our society.

If we can repeat that over and over, as a way to have meaning and substance to our society, individually and as a whole, we can change the world.

Our society is not that, because it perverts this general formula to benefit a few, instead of all. thus the society we live in.

I know it works. It’s just one part of what Nation building in Iraq taught me how to do. Unfortunately, I know how it can fail, and I see the lack of these defined elements of leadership as the reason why we all feel like this society is failing.

I know you both know these principles, and you were never in the army. If it all resonates, that’s the real music, friends.

As for me, why I’m here, telling you about it, and not doing anything anymore for the government, is because I want to try and affect society so that we can overcome what has become of where we’re from.

This is the best existing formula for how to create an independent society that self governs fairly, and creates a society that continues.

Problem is, people, like my dear friend said, naturally act fast and think later.

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