It’s patriotic AF to be atheist

Separation of church and state exists because the opposition to theocracy has to fight against what has been the default mode of oppression for centuries.

Means, you’re welcome. Arrrg. #Barbosa 😉

But by all means, pray again. I’ve heard it’s cathartic, but I prefer to rely on actions, as they are louder than words.


Deep down, all religions require submission, and gives back imagined supremacist stances.

“My book is right.”

It is the ultimate example of tribalism.

“They’re good Christian people.”

“A good Muslim does exactly as the Quran instructs.”

Democracy requires equality, critical thought in order to help as is needed, not help as what you think they need. Democracy requires no supremacy of one over another, and a give and take of collectively agreed upon powers delegated by vote.

Do you see how different democracy is from theocracy? Some of you, I know this will be the first time you’ve ever heard this argument.

The standard is:

Have your religion, but hands off our democracy.

Separation of church and state is a social responsibility, as well as a right, and a very important line for the government to uphold, for the church to acknowledge and respect, especially if the society becomes overwhelmingly theocratic.

These are the Checks and balances that facilitate a free society.

Checks. And balances. No one greater than the other, but ones that are greater together for the benefit of all.

Therefore, it is patriotic as fuck to publicly deny religion as a code of ethics or moral instruction, just as there is nobility in denying the Monarchies of the world complete rule. #TheSparkOfDemocracy

#ChangeMyMind #YoullComeToFind #WeAllNeedReality #MoreThanFeelings


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