Do not be afraid to Speak out

If you’re afraid of words, I’d like to remind you there are scarier things in this world.

Be thankful there are those of us who learned how to use them to remind you of this, because it wasn’t that long ago that the whole of society could not find the words to stop fascism.

When the words stop- that’s when it’s really over.

It cost millions of lives.

Entire generations wiped off the earth.

Keep speaking up.

Keep resisting.

Get off the fence.

Get angry at the inhumanity.

Love humanity.

Get informed. Morals, ethics, and epistemology are required for all. Don’t know? You gone learn today.

Know before you speak.

Speak to help your fellow citizens, first. They are human, fallible and capable of immense good at the same time, capable of great evil.

Then speak to cripple authoritarianism. Confront injustice.

Especially if it is your friends standing on the authoritarian side. You are their only hope, especially if they don’t know they are in the wrong. It’s ok to be wrong, as long as you come correct. We must try to get through to them. If people are acting like sheep, be a shepherd. If you know better and do nothing to help your countrymen, you are being a coward. The country literally hangs in the balance.

If you haven’t had to know War, you won’t ever want to. I promise you that. Don’t let it come to that.







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