Why I make music

Speaking from personal experience, the artistic process strives to capture the perfect performance. But to some, all that really matters is when the dopamine kicks in. When you cross those two lines of feelings and technique, this is what some people would say is, simply “Wow”. This is also why an instrument has the same purpose as a hobby, and is a therapeutic endeavor that saves lives; but don’t get all fuzzy just yet. So is masturbation and looking at a picture of the Maldives.

Beyond that, countless multi-platinum, multi-millionaire, really hot girls, or the dudes you went to high school with (who are touring the world or something last you heard), have said that its for sex drugs n rock n roll. Singular, combined, it doesn’t matter- it’s all for dopamine. Their songs reflect that one dimensional banality that already has Goliath standing upon Goliath’s shoulders, and still not seeing the setting sun.

I’m a firm believer in the idea of the musician making the music the player wants to hear, and worrying about how popular it could be later. But what if he/she doesn’t like what she/he plays, and (s)he gets popular? The truth is, “popularity” today is a vast number of end results that do not always mean the same thing that you think it means when you say it. 

Here is the paradox about original music: I don’t need your approval, but I want it. So I’m going to interpret my reality, marked with the scars of testing the boundaries of truth and perception. ‘Cause that’s where I’m coming from, and it isn’t a cakewalk, but it’s worth sharing. 

Ultimately, I’m not after your heart- and I don’t want your pity. I’m not after your wallet. I’m not even after anything else in your pants. I’m after your consciousness: I’m thinking out loud so I can relate what I’ve learned, and put it in a story so we can evaluate our existence. I want your attention because there are some lessons that kept me alive that I know could help anyone, with the right marketing.

It isn’t about me- it isn’t about you. It’s about who you believe to be “us and them” is, and contrasting what you believe vs what you know vs what is reality. It tests this theory if “I” can really be “anyone”, to anybody.

I use generalizations for a reason- but subliminal messaging? Do you even know how sound challenges the structure of your mind, in real time? Meat bags and sound-It is a physical interaction.

Music is also ideas without visual aid: hearing, but not seeing, sharpens both senses in parallel. The more subliminal messaging I put in a song, the faster your brain makes new connections, and you might never even know it happened. So to those freaked out about subliminal messaging in music? I say, You’re welcome.

I make music to get a rise out of you by setting up what got a rise out of me- that process is to see our fears thru the lens of art, so we can overcome our apathy and fear, and progress our collective knowledge through the mirror of life.

I still think it’s worth something.


www.TheQuarantined.Bandcamp.com to buy our new Antiquate Hate EP,

Visit The Quarantined’s Website.

or listen/watch exclusive content on our newly formatted ReverbNation page.



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