Poem: Antiquate Hate

“Antiquate Hate” Album cover: Designed by Jad Dovey


I decided one day to put my heart on display.
I gave everything I had – my focus and attention
and decided
I’d start with nothing and build something from nothing.
I had training and experience, I had desire and vision
I put my only 2 cents in that was worth any mention
scrutiny comes when the truth is told
but will you even allow it to enter your soul?
will you listen with openness and hear the cry – centuries old –
that power is scared away from the shy?
“I am no coward – I have no fear!”
were the famous last words you ever did hear.

I am not static; though I sleep on cement,
I give one so all may have some, and save their lament.
there is no limit on love- in love as in war,
From trench, to private chalets of pure desire-
we put our hopes and dreams on fire
that one day,
just maybe
this era of pain will go on vacation
Antiquate hate, poverty, homelessness, starvation,
Then the future is pure imagination!

Never give up on your self,
power comes from within.
but for now, Remember.
They’ve been lying to your faces-
now eat your chagrin.


Listen to the EP now: https://thequarantined.bandcamp.com/album/antiquate-hate-ep

By Sean Martin

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