Music in the Digital Era part 2 — A Dead Horse in the Ocean

Continued from “Music in the Digital Era: The echo chamber.”

Photo By Richard L'Abbée Photoshop art by Sean Martin
Photo By Richard L’Abbée
Photoshop art by Sean Martin
(Continued) Part 2- I don’t make music to be popular, and I won’t not be who I am. I won’t go easy on you, because nobody ever went easy on me. I don’t care if my direct words with purposeful meaning and intention scares you, “the Kids”, or anybody else. We communicate with more than words. To me, my music represents the most intelligent and artistic way I can break down why I think this American experiment, our culture, our history, our way of life is a sick, twisted joke and in comic juxtaposition with the morality they forced you to believe the first “Americans” had throughout American History… and what it actually is today: A big dead horse in an ocean of corruption passed down from the last batch of assholes in charge. I make music about it, because if I showed you, historically…I’d end up dead. You know, tradition. #Imagine

Ok, not all of tradition is “bad”, – Just the important things; like morality based on religion, governance, societal convention, laws, political representation: even our language we are “allowed” to use is bent to serve the biggest shareholder, in every situation. Every one of our institutions has a purported authority who is really a powerless puppet; bought and paid for by the businesses he was supposed to watch. #SomeBouygetmeoffathisreef

Photo by Alex Diaz Old Zoo, Los Angeles, CA
Photo by Alex Diaz
Old Zoo, Los Angeles, CA
I was a part of it. Born into it, and therefore, seemingly stuck with my lot. I bought in at first, and came quickly to my senses. Despite my best intention to emancipate myself and my mind from society, religion and nationalism, I met every scumbag who claimed to own me – The landlord, the water and power company, The preacher, the phone bill, the insurance agent, the bank, the lobbyists, the Army recruiter, the policeman. I cannot escape the reality of their existence: I have to fight for my right to live with them, even if it is only the fight which sustains me. Some call that a good life, yet somehow, everybody I know lives below the poverty line. Morality, stupidity, and poverty are all tricky like that; most who have it wish they didn’t, and those without it actively avoid it. #Imwithstupidandstupidiswithme

So…I’ve got that going for me.

Its preferable to at least have some disposable income to start your journey from musician to music artist, because to compete, you have to pay up to the standards of the music industry. I’ll bet Gawker can find you a bunch of other “artists” who were millionaires before they were musicians. Ultimately, you don’t need millions of dollars to get your musical vision realized. More like Less-than-a-new-Fiat kinda money for the whole thing- from first word written to final product. What? You can’t run out and buy a new Fiat right now? GO HOME, SMALLS! 

Sean Martin Photo by Drongo
Sean Martin
Photo by Drongo
There’s got to be better way than C.R.E.A.M. As much as you want to think that “if my band can just play for the right people who own labels, or whatever, then they will pay for it all…”- Like a fairy tale 90s movie… get real, dude. Now, you at least gotta pay the man with the microphone to begin, no matter how good you are at anything. This gate is there for a reason: as it is now, if nobody in the industry cares about whether or not good art is coming out their speakers in the studio, then money is the only other requirement necessary to be recorded, not quality of musicianship or craft. This is why you have some of the most repetitive, mind-numbingly simple music, and its coming from my generation, while at the same time ten thousand people who can play you a really intricate solo, or drop wicked fast stories in their bars, but not with a full band: they don’t understand the purpose of the mountains they stand on. Simple, pretty good art might be the sun that lights the day, but nobody’s got the time to show you how you lost the way anymore. They say anybody with a DAW is a producer, but none of them know how to produce anything.

The scene in Los Angeles is diverse, and divided along too many lines: and that is our greatest strength and weakness as a regional music industry with a global reach. Those musicians who are able to continue working and creating work for others – those multi talented people – they come from all over the world, and they are the bedrock of sustainability for a band. When being on stage isn’t practical, they can still be, or become a creative force in other areas of the industry.

From a broader perspective on content, I see each genre as a wave in The Ocean that is music, all intertwined by the riptide that you can’t see, but it’s still affecting what you perceive the ocean to be, all the same. The entire potential of the music industry is massive, but we are still just riding the waves, crests, ebbs, and floes. Nevermind the trash heap.

Until we build a fucking speedy-flying-submarine type thing outta that dead horse we’ve been beating!… not literally, of course. #TheLegoMovieMoralsAreBetterThanTheBibleMorals

The Quarantined 4Resh Media Photo by Richard L'Abbée
The Quarantined
4Resh Media
Photo by Richard Le’ Abbee
The Quarantined’s new song, “Feeding you Lies”, distributed independently on for $1. Follow our progress, see our discography, bio, and Social Media hub at, or stream the album to listen now,


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