Colin Kaepernick: Sports Round-up

Sports Round-up

Watching all these sports fan trip over the first Amendment… It’s almost as if everybody is just running around trying to point out all the things nobody around them is doing, while taking credit for all the people who have done something, all to avoid their own deficit of sacrifice for country. Hate to break it to you, but you looky-loos aren’t doing shit for anybody by doing this American Shaming ritual. All of your points against him are appeals to authority, and I’m sick of it. Must be nice standing under an umbrella of protection, whining about somebody else’s perspective on the rain, but claim righteousness because you’re noticing it’s wet. You want a cookie, too, Captain Obvious? YOU’RE STILL ALL DOING NOTHING BUT BITCHING about the very real issue he’s trying to express to you. You’re all the problem, you’re the fucking system he’s protesting.
YOU ARE THE THING STANDING IN THE WAY OF INALIENABLE RIGHTS he’s trying to illuminate as being broken. Your reaction proves him right. It’s not about him. The predator doesn’t give the prey the right to run, the other people in the government employ don’t give you the rights granted by the constitution, you HAVE them by virtue of being human; be you a thinking member of society, or not. You have them even if the government says you don’t.

No God gives them their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, those rights are inherent in all people. That’s the idea. It’s there because of dickheads wanting to burn people for ideas since the dawn of civilization.
You know you wouldn’t be saying shit if he wasn’t a quarterback, right?
You know why I say that?

Because I’ve said WAY the fuck worse criticisms about America, and most people agreed, or discussed and disagreed, but we walked away friendly.
No media outrage, no burning in effigy. That happens because I don’t matter, me without my football team, and “Authority to speak” and “power”, and money, and media coverage. I just don’t fucking matter. And neither do you.

But, Me, with my actual experience Kicking in doors for America, would like to show you what I learned kicking in doors for America, and kick in your door of perception.
Me and my experience getting shot at, IED’, ambushed, Friends disfigured, Snatching people in the night to send to prisons doing unknown interrogations. Unknown deaths, unknown money spent, all because of and for a lie… And that unearthed the perspective in you of “What about us here at home?”, remember?

Well, now we get to focus on you and your valuable insight given so far on your use and application of blame that the first amendment apparently requires you to dispense for someone pointing out a blemish on your Stars and Stripes.
All of your opinions on Kaepernicks character or life, needs to stop. That opinion matters the least. Focus on what he said- it’s a generalized comment that is based in fact. It’s an opinion, yes. One persons opinion.

And that one opinion, makes everybody into emotional nationalists all of a sudden, and you’re so ready to use every fighting word, insult, and guilt trip you could think of, while your whole idea for running this country is based on the shaky premise of “America sucks for most of you so give a rich idiot a turn.” For what?
Because you’re more red white and blue than Kaepernick because you wore a uniform that had a badge or a flag? Because you fought something, sometime? Because you died? Does death make someone extra special American or just regular American? What about the Americans we execute without evidence? Are they extra American, or extra crispy?
Are you more American Because you don’t have 19 million dollars in a contract with an NFL team? Nobody is less American than the ones who ignore the plight of their fellow humans. He took a baby step in that direction, and everyone loses their minds, forgetting the empathy that he’s trying to remind you to have for the living.
My message to everybody making a big deal about the Kaepernick comments-
You’re a bunch of emotional tourists. You’re the mob of angry old people trying to send back the soup they ate at a deli, yesterday.

We live the values, you use them for a punchline in your never ending game of the Dozens.
Racism still ravages our authority structure. It sucks, yeah, maybe you should work on that, it’s been a problem since 1492.
Let’s face it, some of us act like the bastard grandchildren of Archie Bunker, demanding Nicky Menajs song about cock sucking go viral because she’s an artist, while we have the media making your attention span only shorter than your temper, and your ability to discern fact from reality an even shorter window of opportunity, due to your massive ego.
And I’m supposed to take YOU seriously?

My America that is being broadcasted to the world makes me fucking sick and disturbed at its ignorance of self-awareness.
You wouldn’t know America if it bombed your village and raped your heritage out of existence. #AmericanAsGenocide
But we know. We know that that analogy was the reality for 400 million native people, hundreds of millions more people, of all nationalities, are STILL systematically held under the poverty line for generations in the past, and probably to come; In America and outside, because of our foreign policies and our corporate influences on those policies, and many more reasons that directly or indirectly exist because of our massive influence on the world. I can say that, Because I know my history.

I WAS history. I was your policy in action. And now, I’m here to tell you some things- and you should try and listen this time.

America is a lot of paradoxes in one entity. It kills you and sustains you. Get used to people not liking their environment, It’s probably justified. Nobody needs to leave this country- we all need to stay right where we are. You should actively help them improve it, because nobody else is. That’s the America I know, but apparently, that empathetic yet distant America is on a bye this whole fucking year, all we get is the 3rd string Jackoff who can’t take a hit.

I wonder if she’ll come out of retirement for one last hoorah.
That’s my sports roundup. Wonder if ESPN is hiring. I heard Bob Costas does well there.

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