Poem: Panama Papers better lock up them bankers

The Panama papers should lock up those bankers,

or The World is a rich mans zoo.

All manner of paradoxes now in the light;

who could ever snooze?

Lend a finger, if you would, to poke out the Eye that

objectifies humanity.

Hold it open, look inside…

Feel that abyss eating you alive?…

That’s just the Panama papers, when will they lock up those bankers?

And their little politicians, too!

While us screaming witches get pissed at the pitches

with which we sing our dirges to, the deserving few.

Let it fuel the fire of ingrate indignity so that indemnity be doomed!?

…Amen? -Nay, say misdirection. Louder — and again.

Save fear for being torn asunder.

All hell hath no fury like The train Justice left Liberty under.

In This exact same train game, we let our wits get plundered.

And the range free acid rain

from the pig manufacturing plains

Are literally shitting pretty on your itty bitty 

rainy day ponytail pity parade.

All that for a bacon sandwich, Grade-A?

Yes, Ominous foes, like the jackal, I’m told,

can kill you with a wink of their pen.

And if you insist, in this pissed off pretense

we have, for you, true friends, one answer 

For when you question what they have assumed you don’t know, they never answer.

And they call that move, the “fuck off, noob” and laughter ensues.

It’s not just our media, it’s our language abused.

In the hands of a drunken fly-by-night, diamond encrusted,

war-pig pig-hammerer. Are we Confused?

he is In-decision, on a swipe or a blow, a stick or a throw.

But All red choices will ruin our soul.

If you disarm a man from his tongue,

You’ve laid to rest his 1st resort to save himself

from retribution of wrong being done.

But When you insist on being safe from his words,


I’ll tell you again

of the drunken hammerers

that’re angrily enamored

with the current lack of blood on their hammers.

The need for honesty is represented by Cali’s

drought stricken valleys,

A metaphor wrapped in a truth inevitable,

“inconvenient” was too nice of a word? Incredible…

how you treated the info; Despicable.

It’s the same thing I’ve heard, on the wire or the verse,

About The difference between the silent

And the defiants hearse.

That slight variation is their insight from their life’s lessons learned, worthy of quotation:

if they want to control you, they go for your pocket, first.

You must not have seen it, head buried in that desert of greed…

The Panama papers better lock up them bankers,

Or do I smell the revolution

you decline to see?

Copyright Sean Martin, 2016

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