The Quarantined announce new song, “Nemesis friend of mine” Jan 10

The Quarantined has a few very good things to share with you- First, Our new song, “Nemesis friend of mine” is almost ready to be released, coming soon on Jan 10th, 2020. It is a very relevant song to the times, and to all levels of perception, from local to international. The chorus is striking- […]

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The model for a fair society

A good friend of mine brought up a very real, yet unintuitive aspect to our society that we experience as individuals. She said she thought she was happier when working hard for little pay, as opposed to lollygagging around and getting paid well. “We’re hyperactive, we need meaning and substance,” she wrote. She’s absolutely right, […]

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It’s patriotic AF to be atheist

Separation of church and state exists because the opposition to theocracy has to fight against what has been the default mode of oppression for centuries. Means, you’re welcome. Arrrg. #Barbosa 😉 But by all means, pray again. I’ve heard it’s cathartic, but I prefer to rely on actions, as they are louder than words. #piratesonTheSeaOfIdeas […]

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Why I make music

Speaking from personal experience, the artistic process strives to capture the perfect performance. But to some, all that really matters is when the dopamine kicks in. When you cross those two lines of feelings and technique, this is what some people would say is, simply “Wow”. This is also why an instrument has the same […]

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Colin Kaepernick: Sports Round-up

Sports Round-up Watching all these sports fan trip over the first Amendment… It’s almost as if everybody is just running around trying to point out all the things nobody around them is doing, while taking credit for all the people who have done something, all to avoid their own deficit of sacrifice for country. Hate […]

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